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Are you in need of a skilled WordPress Elementor Pro designer? Look no further! You’ve come to the right place. I am a front-end WordPress expert with four years of extensive experience. Using the power of WordPress, I will craft a stunning, visually captivating, and top-notch website that perfectly suits your needs. Let’s work together to create a beautifully designed online presence for you!
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My Working Process

10-Step Guide to Successful WordPress Website Design

Defining Goals & Requirements

Identify the purpose of the website (e.g., informational, e-commerce, portfolio). Set clear goals and objectives for the website (e.g., generate leads, increase sales, showcase work). Determine the target audience and understand their preferences and needs. List the essential features and functionalities required to achieve the website’s goals.

Research and Planning

Conduct market research to understand your industry and competitors. Create a sitemap that outlines the website’s structure and hierarchy. Plan the content organization and how different pages will be linked together. Develop a content strategy to ensure consistent messaging across the site.

Choose a Theme or Design

Browse through WordPress themes and select one that aligns with your brand and design vision. Ensure the theme is responsive and compatible with major browsers. Check for theme reviews and ratings to verify its reliability and performance.

Setup Hosting and WordPress

Choose a reliable web hosting provider that meets your website’s needs. Install WordPress on the hosting server using a one-click install or manual setup. Configure the essential settings, such as site title, tagline, and permalink structure. Create necessary pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy, etc.

Customizing the Theme

Customize the selected theme to match your brand’s identity and color scheme. Upload your logo and favicon. Modify fonts, colors, and other visual elements to create a unique look and feel. Set up the homepage and layout according to your preferences.

Adding Essential Plugins

Install and activate essential plugins to enhance the website’s functionality. Consider plugins for SEO optimization, security, caching, contact forms, social media integration, etc. Avoid excessive plugin usage to maintain website performance.

SEO Friendly Design

Develop high-quality and engaging content for each page. Optimize content for SEO by using relevant keywords and meta tags. Include captivating images and videos to make the content visually appealing.

Design Pages and Layouts

Utilize a page builder plugin like Elementor or Beaver Builder for more flexibility. Design individual pages with user-friendly layouts and navigation. Ensure consistency in design elements and branding across all pages.

Testing and Optimization

Test the website across various devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and browsers. Verify the website’s responsiveness and make necessary adjustments. Optimize the website’s loading speed by compressing images and reducing server requests. Conduct user testing to identify any usability issues and gather feedback.

Launch and Maintenance

Once everything is thoroughly tested, launch the website for the public to access. Monitor the website’s performance and user behavior using analytics tools. Regularly update content to keep it fresh and relevant. Perform routine maintenance, including plugin updates, security checks, and backups.
Remember that designing a successful WordPress website is an iterative process. Continuously gather feedback from users and make improvements to enhance the user experience and achieve your website’s goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have to provide: 1. Hosting (Cpanel) 3. The account login is where I could manage your domain (if needed)
If you still need content now, that is fine. I can provide you with demo content as a placeholder until the content is written.
No, I highly recommend that you buy these services yourself. I can use my domain- hosting for web design. When the design is complete, I will transfer it to your server.
Well, things I will need are your brand/site Logo (Optional), the number of pages to include in your website, and short/brief information about your website/company.
No worries, I will provide you with the modern design currently in trend in the industry.
Google Meet, Whatsapp
Payoneer, Wise, Or Fiverr & Upwork Market Place
Yes, but please contact me in the inbox and discuss the order requirements with me before placing the order
Yes. Your website will be fully editable! You will be able to very easily add text & images to all pages with a click!
Yes, I do have a portfolio. If you are interested in seeing some of my recent work, then go ahead and contact me.
My designs aim for an SEO Friendly website
Yes. All our websites are mobile-friendly. They work across any number of screen sizes (Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop).
Yes, your satisfaction is our first priority. We provide unlimited revisions until you are satisfied.
After completing the project, do I need any Help? Absolutely! You will receive 14 days of Free support after delivery!

Review From Our Client

William Client

A fantastic site designer that is patient and very simple to deal with. I would without a doubt suggest his services to anyone in need of site design assistance.

sal00las Client

I am very happy to have met such a great guy on here. Sohel is not only good at his job but he is an excellent person. He goes above and beyond to make sure any issues are solved. His attitude and communication is always perfect. I will always come back to him for any of my projects, I highly recommend him to others! Keep it up brother

furiousgiunta Client

Took a little longer than we both expected (a lot of that was because of us), but we really got a good product in the end - which is most important.


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